Pet Transportation

Services - Relocate Pet Advice

"Moving" in itself is the most stressful event in one's life. As far as your Pets are you can follow some of our advice that we have squeezed from our professional expertise and make your Pet Relocation process simpler!

Prepare in advance

You need to start with Buying / Hiring a kennel for your Pet. Be sure the kennel that you select is as per your pets size and offers enough room for your pet to stand and walk around.

Get the kennel home, this will help your pet get familiarized with the kennel. If required put some food or your old sweat shirt inside, this will only encourage him to go inside, your smell (from your old sweat shirt) can sooth your pet during a long move.

Meet a Veterinarian

Be absolutely sure that your pet child has all the necessary vaccinations up-to-date. Insist on a certificate that would state that your pet is healthy enough to travel.

Incase, your pet is not healthy please follow your Vets advice.

Do not sedate your Pet

It is a common idea to think that it's easier to travel with your pet a long distance when he or she has been sedated This may not always be true, because sedation makes it difficult for the pet to breathe. For this reason, some airlines may not accept your pet on-board.