Pet Transportation

Services - Pet Transportation & Relocation

  • Complete reservation services with airlines using the most direct routes possible.
  • We assist with the preparation of pet travel permits, documents & certificates for international pet relocations. We specialize in the complex preparation for countries requiring Quarantine.
  • 24 hour services of all pet shipments by our staff, 7 days a week.
  • We arrange ground transportation to and from airports & residences.
  • Boarding arrangements confirmed with outstanding domestic and international facilities.

Global Cargo is your Animal Transportation Professional --- Let us help you make your pet's move smooth!

  • Relocating dogs, cats, birds and other small animals is a more technical process than you realize. We specialize in arranging animal freight / animal cargo and provide for your pet's  travel safety and comfort from door to door or airport to airport.
  • At Global Cargo Travel we stay abreast of all the up-to-date travel requirements and documents that could be required for your animal air transportation. This ensures pet travel will go smoothly and safely!
  • We will arrange all the necessary documentation to be completed for the entire animal freight/animal cargo process from start to finish.
  • Pet Relocation has a standard set of procedures and regulations to be followed when shipping pets. We are experts in the field and have the national and international contacts to accomplish the task efficiently and with care.
    • When shipping pets internationally, import permits may be required as well as special licenses and other legal documentation and we help you with these details.
    • Global Cargo is the most efficient alternative to working directly with the airline industry and a better alternative to your pet's relocation for your peace of mind and your pet's safety. Calling airlines can be time consuming and confusing; each time you call you can receive a different answer. At Global Cargo we know all of the policies and procedures and the difference between each airline so we can select the best flight for your pet!