Agency Network

At Global, we strive to build strong Associates world-wide and develop close working relationships with them. We aim to provide cost-effective transportation and logistics solutions to our broad and varied customer base. We select appropriate modes of carriage, service and implement turnkey warehousing and distribution processes based on time/cost relationships and the application of reliable just-in-time delivery techniques.

Our investment in people, warehousing facilities, sophisticated systems and processes can help our customers to reduce their lead-time, minimize storage and international transportation costs while maintaining high standards of quality, reliability and delivery.

GLOBAL'S International Associates work to the same high standard as GLOBAL itself – which means our customers can be confident that whatever the task – it will be handled with total reliability.

With all our overseas Associates, we share a very cordial relationship and practice of good mutual understanding and an impeccable record for financial matters. On joint co-operation with all our Associates, we share a profit split on 50/50 basis and our accounting statement is settled quarterly.